The root of every unbalance is in the depth of the thoughts that, when turns in ideas, they have the power to harmonize or to disturb the bodies that serve to the soul".






"To discover consists of to look for the one that everybody is seeing and to think a different thing."


Roger Von Oech




  • Business Agency: we negotiate your products in the international market in a fast and effective way, using the best International Marketing tools.We guarantee agility and safety for importers and exporters. We can assist you at the following market entry stages: Market intelligence; Market Entry Strategy; Finding business partners;

  • Suppliers Research: we search for potencial suppliers and manufactures of your goods in the world market with objective to reduce your production cost.

  • OEM Branding Strategy: we help you to develop and find OEM manufactures for your owned brand.

  • Sales Agency: we work on the promotion and sales of your goods in the world market throungh our available tools.



  • Negotiation: we assure agility and safety for importers and exporters preparing sales contract according to ICC.
  • International Integrated Logistics: Through a constant serach for alternatives of transport and consolidate the global partnerships, Distefano Consulto®ia offers efficient solutions to reduce costs and increase the quality of the management of the logistics processes.


  • Identification of Business Opportunities: Associated to the market research, we verified the viability of your business in several countries. Identification of potentials importers or exporters by NCM classification, country of origin and destiny.

  • Outsourcing of the Import/Export department: We assume all the functions of your company´s department envolving market studies; intermediation in international sales and prurchases; promotion activities; management of customers and suppliers; Logistic; custom procedures and legal contracts.



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