The root of every unbalance is in the depth of the thoughts that, when turns in ideas, they have the power to harmonize or to disturb the bodies that serve to the soul".



"To discover consists of to look for the one that everybody is seeing and to think a different thing."


Roger Von Oech



Business Agent and Information Service

We offer a broad range of services, providing a comprehensive assistance on the world market. From business intelligence and market research to operational support - we help the companies to do business abroad. See more...





Foreign Trade Consultancy


Do you want to import, or to export and don´t know how to do it? Do you want to know more about the countries and their relationships with the world trade? We identified the possible importers of your product. Contact us



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Outsourcing of the Import/Export department


We assume all functions of customer´s company department from outside of the structure with seriousness and professionalism. See more....

Export Promotion


We provide all sort of market information regarding to your segment and promote your product to the international market.




Importation from China


Through our quality policy, we have selected the best manufacturers in China to meet the needs of industries and import distributors throughout Latin America. See more....


Currency Converter





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